logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)


Mr. Bergeron currently sees individuals and couples as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. He is also licensed as an acupuncturist. These two professional licenses allow for a holistic approach where body and mind are truly honored. Nathan is Certified and is a Consultant in Brainspotting and TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model), a somatic approach which helps his clients access the wisdom of their body and nervous system, and gain greater resiliency while facing life challenges. Nathan is also Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming). Mr. Bergeron is trained as a PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) couple therapist. He also teaches and facilitates Voice Dialogue sessions; a brilliant approach to help give voice to inner selves ––a part of me feels this… while a part of me feels the opposite… and I’m stuck in between both not knowing what to do. Voice Dialogue is another powerful modality which helps his clients find their true north while honoring opposite forces. Nathan practices in his home/office in Hollywood, California.

  • Mr. Bergeron obtained his Master in Psychology, with emphasis on Depth Psychology, from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 2008. The Board of Behavioral Sciences granted him his Marriage and Family Therapist License in 2011.
  • Mr. Bergeron obtained his Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine — with top honors (Cum Laude) — from Dongguk Royal University in Los Angeles, class of 2003.
  • Nathan received his License to practice acupuncture from the California State Board in 2003.
  • Mr. Bergeron graduated from the “Institut Canadien d’Acupuncture” in Montréal class of 1983. He co-founded “La Clinique d’Acupuncture du Bas Saint Laurent” in Rimouski, Québec, Canada in 1986, with Mrs. Lorraine Massé.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 1990, Nathan was introduced to a branch of depth psychology called Voice Dialogue; created by Dr. Hal & Sidra Stone Ph.Ds. From that point on, he began working his personal process with Voice Dialogue, read everything published on the subject, and studied and trained with J. Tamar Stone, M.A., daughter of Hal Stone. After many years of studying and training, Nathan began lecturing, teaching and offering Voice Dialogue workshops in Los Angeles, Boulder, Denver and Montréal. His Masters degree thesis in psychology focussed on the relationship between Voice Dialogue, and the psychological dimensions as understood by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mr. Bergeron uses all of these therapeutic modalities seamlessly, or independently, depending of what is best suited for his clients. Each of these therapeutic modalities allow access to the unconscious memory networks in the brain and mind. They accelerate the innate healing power we all possess, so that the processing and healing of emotionally charged (traumatic) memories can be completed and released.

Nathan is also on the certification track to become a Certified PACT couple therapist. This cutting edge approach to couple therapy — created by Dr. Stan Tatkin — allows couples to communicate better, co-regulate each other more efficiently, and therefore, re-kindle and reinforce their bond. Ultimately, PACT teaches couple to be in a secure functioning relationship.

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