logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)

Psychotherapy Rates

  • My fees are:
    • Individual Therapy: $175/hr (50 minutes session), or $280 for 1.5hr (80 minutes session)
    • Couple Counseling: $175/hr (50 minutes session), or $280 for 1.5hr (80 minutes session)
  • Fees are payable at, or prior to the time of service.
    • I accept cash, checks, QuickPay, Zelle and Cash app.
    • I also accept credit and debit cards and PayPal. When these latter forms of payment are used, the 3% transaction fee these financial institutions charge is added.
  • Some people prefer ongoing 1 hour sessions, while others choose 1.5 hour sessions. Either way, both 1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions can be interweaved as needed.
  • Some of the benefits of longer sessions are:

  • For Couples: Longer sessions allow many couples to unpack their challenges more efficiently; to address the root causes and triggers of their misunderstandings and conflicts with greater depth; to implement new skills that will deliver win-win outcomes to both partners.
  • For Trauma Work: Victims of trauma often need more time to process the multi-layered aspects of their traumatic experience(s). Trauma work can’t be rushed. The pacing and rhythm of each client must be respected if profound and complete relief and healing is to be attained. As importantly, some clients process very deeply and can’t be expected to return to their functional self when still in processing, just because the clock says “time’s up!” In some cases and for some people, too short of sessions can easily be, in and of itself, a traumatic experience; which I want to avoid at all cost.
  • Far Away Clients and/or People With Very Busy Lives: For many people, longer sessions are cost-time efficient, especially for those who live far-away and have long commutes, and those who have very busy lives and can’t do weekly sessions. They allow people to move through their process faster, especially at the beginning phase of therapy—which one hour sessions might not allow for.

When we meet, we’ll discuss what will work best for you, your situation and budget, and adjust the length and frequency of our sessions accordingly.

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