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Insurance Coverage

  • I am not an In-Network provider with any insurance companies because of two principal reasons:
    • Confidentiality: all insurance providers require access, and have the legal right once this access is granted, to the personal and medical information that is shared in session. With access to your personal information, insurance companies can decide if they will, or not, process and reimburse your claim.
    • Permanent record: once clinical information is provided to an insurance provider it is, and will remain an integral part of your permanent record. Your permanent record is available to anyone, entity and authority with authorized access. More than ever before, the fine print in many of the forms we sign allow such access to “parent companies”.
  • Should you want your insurance provider to reimburse part of your sessions, I am glad to provide you, upon request and proper signed paperwork, a monthly super-bill you can submit for direct reimbursement from your insurance provider.

  • By being a fee-for-service therapist, I am better able to protect your privacy and base your treatment on your individual or couple needs; not on the financial expectations and requirements of a for-profit insurance provider.
  • By definition, PPO plans reimburse for services rendered by Out-Of-Network Providers. It is your responsibility to clarify with your insurance company what your reimbursement will be.
  • Find below a form that should help you, when calling your health insurance provider, to get many of your questions answered.
  • Remember, it is your right to receive clear answers to any questions you may have from your insurance provider. This includes the exact amount you will be reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Pre-Authorization Form

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