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  • Are unresolved challenges in life and with your partner, leaving you sexually anorexic? Do you feel an internal pressure to perform sexually, making it difficult, if not impossible, to simply enjoy yourself and your partner? Do you fear and avoid sharing your sexual likes, fantasies and fetishes with your partner? Do you wait for your partner to read your mind so you will not have to bring-up delicate topics related to your sexual life? Are you confident in making a move towards a person you’re attracted to?
  • Do you have intense, mind-blowing sex with strangers whose names you don’t know and faces you can’t remember, and all the while longing for more out of your intimate connections? Do you put yourself at risk sexually, or use sex as a way to check out from the pressures and constraints in your life? Do you use pornography, masturbation, love, serial dating, or romantic infatuation as a way to manage deeper insecurities, anxieties and vulnerabilities?
  • Have you had bad, even traumatic sexual experiences that have caused you to shut down your sex appeal and sexual energy? (If such is the case, I invite you to also read the section on trauma).

  • Do you believe that you are safer in the world when you are not in touch with your sexuality? Do you find yourself judging and having contempt, or to the contrary, envying those who are very active and disinhibited sexually?

The questions above may, or may not apply directly to your specific sexual concerns. It may be something totally different that brings you here. I have extensive training and experience in the field of sexuality, and I am dedicated to helping you heal and integrate the dimensions of your sexuality that trouble you.

I create a safe, sensitive, and non-judgmental space where we can explore all aspects of your sexual life. Our work together will shine light on what holds you back and keeps you stuck. As importantly, we will focus on healing the underlying shame, guilt, judgments and beliefs that might be preventing you from honestly and freely sensing your body and feeling your feelings.

Our work will empower you to share your thoughts, feelings, desires and fantasies, as well as your anxieties and vulnerabilities with your sexual partner(s). I’ll support you, and provide you with the skills to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Many times unconscious beliefs, early childhood experiences, and trauma keep us stuck and prevents us from living the life we envision for ourselves. The modalities I use will help heal the parts of you that are wounded and need caring. They will also help reveal old core beliefs that are in conflict with who you are now, and obtaining what you really want out of your life.

Should some of your sexual challenges be rooted in your biology and general physical health, as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, we can, if you are open, evaluate and discuss the potential benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Together we can decide if they may be a beneficial add-on to our work together.

Our work together will empower you to find the courage to live the wholehearted life you want for yourself. I am committed to help you achieve all of your goals, and to help you reclaim and integrate your sexuality.

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