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  • Was your sexual orientation shamed by family, school, society and religious institutions? Did these early experiences leave their painful scars on your heart and self-confidence? Did they make you feel then, and still make you believe to a certain extent now, there is something wrong with being a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning extended family?
  • Do you find yourself ill-equipped to engage in a long lasting relationship that is based on more than physical attraction and friends with benefits? Are you loosing hope there is someone out there with whom you can share your emotions, sexuality, life, passions and love?
  • Did you learn to hide your emotional, physical and sexual attractions, because you knew, if only intuitively, that no one would truly understand and accept you? Do you struggle with wanting to come-out to friends and family, but fear their contempt and rejection? Does the anxiety of coming-out you experienced years ago — even decades ago — keep on holding you back from being authentic with the people you want in your intimate circle?

  • Do you find yourself split between the persona everyone knows and loves but who, in secret, puts him or herself at emotional, physical and sexual risk with strangers who’s names you don’t care to know? Do you dream and fantasize of a secure and romantic relationship where your kink is on and actualized?

If these questions address your concerns, or if it is something totally different that motivates you to look for a LGBTQ sensitive and informed psychotherapist, you are at the right place. The traumas that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, sexual non-conformists and curious have suffered from uninformed families, rigid religious dogmas and a prejudiced society are real. Way real. If this sad reality has prevented you from living as a fulfilling life as possible you are not alone, and I can help! Honoring and empowering human diversity and sexuality is a guiding principle of mine; and an area I specialize in.

Comes a time when coping mechanisms such as: serial dating; avoiding reaching-out to people we’re attracted to because we fear being spurned and vulnerable; imprudent anonymous sex; excessive use of grinder or match, pornography, marijuana, shopping or acquiring “stuff” no longer work. Comes a time when the emptiness we feel inside can’t be avoided anymore. Such times are an opportunity to reclaim parts of us in need of being integrated.

Many of these adaptive behaviors — which were initially intended to manage stress, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, the need to belong, to feel alive, to be wild and to individuate — have left many people ill equipped to live the life they dreamed of. Now, in a different chapter of life, many find themselves stuck in patterns that are blatantly detrimental and destructive to their physical, emotional and mental health. Patterns that keep them stuck and prevent them from actualizing a bigger version of themselves. If you know you are at a threshold of change, I have good news for you. I have the skills and expertise to help you live fully, courageously and with resilience!

Our painful past does not have to determine our future. The different approaches to therapy I use target and help heal the core aspects of your mind that keep you repeating a past that no longer serves you, and integrate the future you envision for yourself. I am committed to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from living wholeheartedly!

If you have specific questions about your LGBTQ challenges or about my work, I invite you to shoot me an email, or pick-up the phone.

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