logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)


When our daily lives are weighted down by life’s struggles and we feel that our ability to remain resilient is compromised… When our support system is limited in its ability to help, or is non-existent… When we finally accept we need the caring and skillful help of a professional, and postponing further only keeps us in pain longer… It is then when we actively research websites like this one… That we ask trusted friends for recommendations… And read honest on-line reviews about others’ personal experience with their own therapist.

Because our neurobiology is as important as our psychology, I focus on both. Our work together is somatically informed and holistic; meaning that body-mind-heart-emotions are always honored and integrated as we explore what ails and concerns you.

In a safe and nonjudgmental space we’ll address aspects of your life that require attention, change and healing. I am trained and certified in many styles of therapy. This allows for our work to be creative and eclectic; and most importantly, adapted to your specific needs.

I specialize at uprooting the psychological blocks and traumas that, when unconscious and un-healed, force us to repeat – often against our better judgment and desire – patterns of thinking, feeling and acting-out which prevent us from achieving our goals; and from living the life we envision for ourselves.

While beginning a psychotherapeutic journey can be a huge decision, countless times I have seen that the painful struggles, which bring my clients to therapy, end up being blessings in disguise. May this next step you are considering taking be the beginning of an empowering journey. A journey of inner-transformation and of self-actualization!

I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation, or you prefer, you can communicate with me via email. I look forward to talking/exchanging with you, and be of help to you!

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