logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)

Individual Psychotherapy

  • Is your internal dialogue filled with low self-esteem, regrets, shame, guilt or abuse, rather than being kind, supportive, resourceful and capable of realism and optimism?
  • Are you lost or confused, at the crossroads of wanting to make new choices, yet not knowing what to do next, and what direction to take?
  • Do you show the outside world you have your act together, while on the inside, in the privacy of your mind, low self-worth, anxiety, depression or a propensity for anger get the best of you?
  • Does substance use and abuse, sexual acting out, excessive use of pornography or other numbing behaviors, have a strong hold on your life, keeping you isolated for hours on end while in truth, you want to feel connected to others?

  • Are personal relationships an ongoing conundrum? Do you have a tendency to fall head over heals in intimate relationships, then run away when you see the imperfections of the other person? Or do you do the opposite, guard yourself so much that you don’t let anyone see who you really are and what you really feel, leading others to believe that you are not interested when in fact you are, but are petrified to be vulnerable, mis-understood or rejected?

These are just a few of the many reasons why people work with me. I am committed to safely and compassionately help you heal aspects of your life that are asking for your attention, and causing you confusion and pain. I am dedicated in helping you increase your awareness of how your formative years and past experiences are influencing your present. And as importantly, to equip you with the proper sets of skills and resources to bring the best You forward, so that you may thrive. When healing meets empowerment, the best life we dream of can be manifested!

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