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Voice Dialogue

The concept that we are made up of different selves is sometimes difficult to understand. Some people object to this idea, arguing that such a theory fragments the personality… Our task is to become aware of this fragmentation, or multiplicity of selves, so that we can make valid choices in our lives.”  — Hal & Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue

If you have seen the brilliant movie “Inside Out”, you understand the basic concept of Voice Dialogue. Voice Dialogue is a simple, yet very a sophisticated psychological modality that allows us to have direct access to different aspects of our personality. Through Voice Dialogue facilitation, we can let the different parts of us have their own voice and perspective on the challenges in our lives. Especially the conflictual situations when we feel torn between “this part of me feels and thinks this…” while this part of me “doesn’t care about any of the above and has a dramatically different perspective…”.

When we respect and honor the different parts of our personality, we have more choices in life. When we give voice to our Inner Pusher, or Perfectionist, or Critic, or Romantic (to name a few of the many selves we all have), and their respective opposite selves, we create and cultivate a space of graciousness within us. An inner psychological space within us from where we can honor and respect the gifts, and the limitations, of each aspects of our psyche.

Our ability to make more creative and empowering choices grows with our ability to be in touch with different parts of our personality. When we embrace the different point of views that live within us — not only from an intellectual perspective but also from a sensory and embodied experience — we make better decisions. Decisions that serve us, and those around us, better!

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