logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)

I Do My Best Work With

  • People who are at a threshold of a new chapter of their life, and need support on how get there.
  • People who’s wounded heart, buried grief, or traumatic experiences yearn to be met in a non-judgmental and genuinely caring space, so that healing and transformation can take place.
  • People who have lost their sense of self along with their boundaries (a very common occurrence for those who have been abused or traumatized), and wish to reclaim healthy boundaries for themselves and the people in their lives.
  • People who are willing to reclaim their innate power, even when the process of doing so feels vulnerable at times.

  • People who know, or intuit, that sometimes physical symptoms are the language their body uses to communicate its pain and needs, wants and desires; and are therefore willing to listen its wisdom.
  • People who are struggling with their sexuality, and need to unpack what prevents them from living an integrated and thriving sexuality.
  • People who feel conflicted between their religious or spiritual beliefs, and their instinctual and sexual nature; and have no idea how to re-conciliate both.
  • People who need help with their relationships, so that they may experience a genuine sense of community, belonging and intimacy.
  • People who are wanting to learn to communicate their needs and reality without having to attack or make others wrong.
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