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What Is Acupuncture?

Needling therapy activates complex defensive mechanisms in the body, involving the immune system, tissue reactions, blood vessels, sensory nerves, somato-visceral pathways, autonomic nervous system (ANS), central nervous system (CNS), brain and endocrine glands.” – D. Kendall

  • Acupuncture is also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful, natural 4,000 years old medical system.
  • It is rooted in empirical, evidenced based practices, and inspired by a holistic approach to life. At its core, it states that all living organisms are inter-dependent of each other and regulated cycles of life.
  • It treats physical, organic diseases, as well as emotional imbalances; and it always considers the relationship between body, mind and emotions. In this way, it never separates the influence of the environment, emotions and mind on the health of a person.

  • It incorporates the use of medicinal herbs found in nature, —the acupuncture part — ice and heat, massage, nutrition and exercise.
  • It focusses on treating the root of ailments instead of only treating and focussing on the symptoms.
  • It is used both as a preventive medicine to improve and maintain good health, and a medicine to treat dis-eases.It maintains that the harmonious balance and flow between the two fundamental energies of life, yin and yang, nurtures , preserves and protects thriving health.
  • Any rupture of the homeostatic flow between Yin/Yang, whatever the etiology may be, will cause poor health and ultimately disease.
  • Proper homeostasis is re-established when pathogens or toxins are expelled of of the body, excess fluids are drained, blood is fortified, oxygen flows everywhere and especially to the brain and extremities, and the immune system is strong.Each organ (lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, etc.) circulates the energy it metabolizes throughout the body along bilateral channels called meridians.Precise points with very specific functions are situated all along these meridians. These are the acupuncture points.
  • The insertion of ultra thin filiform needles ranging from 0.12  to 0.30 mm — about the diameter of one, or a few when they are thicker, human hairs — produces different energetic & organic functions.The stimulation of these specific points allows for the rebalancing of the energy flow through the meridians and the corresponding organs along these meridians. This has for effect to re-establish proper metabolic functions of the organs, and guide the body back towards health.
  • These very thin needles can be positioned at different depth within the meridians, they serve as a fine-tuned instrument capable to recalibrate the yin-yang polarity within the meridians. This translate into changes of the metabolic functions, restoring restoring the body to its natural cycles and rhythms.
  • Acupuncture points are chosen in accordance to the energetic diagnosis, and the treatment goal to be achieved. The number of needles used vary in accordance to the degree of health of the patient, location(s) of the dysfunctions and therapeutic goals to be achieved.
  • As stated earlier, acupuncture needles are very thin, between  0.12 – 0.30 mm, which is about the size of one or a few human hairs. These sterilized filiform are greatly flexible, and therefore allow for their insertion to be, in most instances, barely perceptible. Once the needles are inserted, one should not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • Frequently after the insertion of needles, a deep sense of profound relaxation is experienced. This is a physiological response to the release of endorphins from the body.
  • The deep relaxed state that most people experience during the treatment is a sign that deep healing is taking place.
  • Sometimes a vague numbness, a sense of heaviness or light tingling is also experienced. All of these sensations are normal reactions. Again, they indicate that deeper healing is taking place.
  • In rare occasions there may be a few drops of blood when pulling out a needle, in which case a sterile gaze is used to prevent bruising.
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