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A body — mind approach to
individual & couple psychotherapy

Dear Psychotherapist Colleagues, As the name suggests, Brainspotting is a brain-based therapeutic modality which is a powerful add-on to our clinical tool kit. Brainspotting engages both the body and the psyche. In fact, it mends the gap between both. It is an elegant modality which allows direct access to the subcortical brain where traumatic memories … Continued

As we’ve seen in this video, Brainspotting is a powerful brain-based therapeutic modality which allows access to the subcortical layers of the brain; which consists of the limbic system and the brain stem —the areas of the brain where emotional, sensory experiences are stored and processed, and instinctual primal energies stem from. True healing requires … Continued

Dr. Karl Pillemer, Ph.D. is a gerontologist who interviewed over 700 elders (ranging from 60 years old to over 100 years old.) on the different aspects of long-term relationships. “The Experts”, as he refers to them, are as diverse in cultural background and life experiences as our 50 States. Their advices on love, intimate relationship … Continued

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