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Most of us have experienced the intense emotional and sexual attraction notorious for sweeping away our common sense when we fall in love. While this experience is very common, the real challenge is that many confuse “falling in love” with “being infatuated with lust”. Simply said, what is it about lust that awakens our instincts … Continued

This is a challenging Post to write, especially in a Blog format, since I can only brush the surface of this very complex and adversarial personality disorder, also known as Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD). We all suffer, individually and as a society, from the devastating effects of sociopathy. This is why I believe it is important to … Continued

We all know the weird feeling of someone telling us something while our personal experience doesn’t quite match the words uttered. This often leaves us doubting ourselves and not sure of what is real and what is not; if we are being gaslit or if our radar is off. While sometimes our neuroception (the perception … Continued

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