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A body — mind approach to
individual & couple psychotherapy

Throughout our developmental stages, from babies to full-fledged adults, we make meaning of our experiences with the brain and psyche we have at the time. The parts of our brain which allow us to challenge the meaning we make of our experiences and of ourselves are located in the prefrontal cortex. They come online later … Continued

Our Divided Brain

There is no doubt that while relatively brief for all that is covered, this video is dense with cutting-edge scientific and psychological knowledge with great social and existential implications. Ian McGilchrist is the author of “The Master and his Emissary”, a brick of a book, dedicated in helping us better understand brain neuroscience. The book … Continued

Most of us have experienced the intense emotional and sexual attraction notorious for sweeping away our common sense when we fall in love. While this experience is very common, the real challenge is that many confuse “falling in love” with “being infatuated with lust”. Simply said, what is it about lust that awakens our instincts … Continued

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