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A body — mind approach to
individual & couple psychotherapy

Dr. Karl Pillemer, Ph.D. is a gerontologist who interviewed over 700 elders (ranging from 60 years old to over 100 years old.) on the different aspects of long-term relationships. “The Experts”, as he refers to them, are as diverse in cultural background and life experiences as our 50 States. Their advices on love, intimate relationship … Continued

Renowned author and international speaker doctor Gabor Mate widens our understanding of the causes and effects addictive behaviors have in the lives of the people suffering from it, and of the countless others whom are close and far from them. Certain forms of addictions are unequivocally and rapidly destroying lives —think, among many, heroin, cocaine, … Continued

When we are willing to share and process our inner life with a trusted therapist, we experience a genuine emotional relief of what weighs us down. As the inner journey of therapy proceeds, we soon realize that while our challenges are very personal, our existence is also weaved in a complex web of interactions and … Continued

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