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As we saw in the previous Post, grit is persistence with resilience. Since grit is a mixture of a lifestyle rooted in self-efficacy, proper support and guidance, and an ability to take consistent focused action, the following six guiding principles –which complement the previous five principles we talked about last month– should help you attain … Continued

Angela Duckworth’s book: “GRIT: The Power of Passion And Perseverance!” blasts some of the myths about grit. It also focuses at helping us integrate some basic principles to increase our grit factor! As the title says, grit is passion and perseverance focused for very long term goals. It is also having stamina, sticking with the … Continued

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

In his book “The Human Magnet Syndrome – why we love people who hurt us”, Ross Rosenberg offers us a model to explain our predisposition of being emotionally and sexually attracted to some types of people as opposed to others. This magnetic force intensely pulls some of us towards partners we know, in our best … Continued