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A body — mind approach to
individual & couple psychotherapy

If these CRM (Community Resiliency Model) skills can help our service members struggling with intense stressors and traumas most of us will never experience, imagine how helpful they can be for all of us managing our daily stressors or those who have truly been traumatized. In fact, these resiliency techniques are part of the foundation of all trauma informed … Continued

Gary Wilson is an influential spoke person and educator on the devastating effects of porn addiction. He helps us understand the brain neuroscience that leads many porn viewers to become compulsive porn addicts. Thanks to his research and dedicated work, and that of countless others, we can remove the moral, social, psychological and religious/spiritual stigmas … Continued

As we saw in the previous Post, grit is persistence with resilience. Since grit is a mixture of a lifestyle rooted in self-efficacy, proper support and guidance, and an ability to take consistent focused action, the following six guiding principles –which complement the previous five principles we talked about last month– should help you attain … Continued