logoM.A., LMFT (MFC 50298), M.S., LAc. (AC 8941)

A body — mind approach to
individual & couple psychotherapy

How many times have we heard or told ourselves that because something happened a long time ago we should be over it, or not be affected by it? If you are like most people, you might be experiencing embarrassment, guilt, or worse shame for still being troubled by events which happened long ago. While the feelings … Continued

When partners physically acknowledge their significant other throughout the day —especially when they leave and reunite with each other— their relationship benefits a lot. It is through physical proximity, touch, eye gazing, relaxed facial expressions, smiling, the reassuring and comforting prosody of our partner’s voice that we know, from an internal experience, that we are … Continued

Many of the conflicts couples face are rooted in the experience of not being valued, cared for, and loved. This leaves partners not feeling secure in their relationship. As loving as our actions may be, if our partner does not experience them us as such, overtime s/he will be –to use Gary Chapman’s language– left … Continued

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